We live in a demanding, competitive and globalised society. Linguistic ability, while being the cornerstone both of successful studies and a rewarding professional life, must be enhanced by transferable skills such as effective communication and presentation, higher order thinking, problem solving and well-expressed, substantiated argument. At IMEC, we understand that, in order to be prepared for a world undergoing quantum change and exponential growth, students must be confidently equipped with both academic knowledge and soft skills

On average a potential employer spends 6 seconds when perusing each CV for a short-list of candidates, and judgments on applicants at the interview stage may be made within 20 seconds. The skills required to produce the best impression and the greatest impact are often not innate - they have to be acquired through training which, at IMEC, we provide.

Maybe you have just left school and are seeking your first position, or you are about to face the rigours of university. Are you a professional seeking to climb the ladder, or a teacher seeking to maximise your own students’ potential? Possibly you have the language skills but need to refine your thinking skills and response when faced with challenging situations. Whatever your needs IMEC will listen to you and find the best courses for you – professionally planned and professionally delivered –so that that demanding globalised society does not seem so demanding any more. Read More

alan Professor Dr Selvaraj Oyyan Pillay
Chief Executive Officer
IMEC Education Group
UNIMAS Learning Centre Kuala Lumpur
(IMEC is a member of Austin Heights Education Group)


IMEC Education Group (“IMEC”), a member of Austin Heights Education Group, is a centre of ongoing learning and education offering both professional and personal skills training as well as communication and language programs. We aim to teach crucial skills that will lead towards success and excellence not only in one’s career but also in the whole diversity of life experiences and to be an innovative learning centre that is constantly evolving to meet the demand of the market while keeping in line with our founder’s mission statement.

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Our goal is to provide people with the skills and knowledge to achieve higher industry standards of language proficiency, customer service, business acumen and other competences.

Workshop on Agile & Scrum Methodology

Course length: 120 hours (not including practicum) Course Description: TEFL 120 is designed for learners…

UNIMAS MSc. Human Resource Management

Course Length: 80 hours Course Description: The Diploma in TBE is for teachers, trainers, and professionals teaching…

UNIMAS Corporate Master in Business Administration

Mauris tempor, neque et blandit tincidunt, augue ex feugiat arcu, eget accumsan lectus nulla et…

Powerful Presentation

Course Title: Powerful Presentation Course length: 80 hours Course Description: TYLT is designed for learners…

Mandarin Proficiency Course

Level 1 – 4 (Beginner) Code of Course: GO Mandarin 100, GO Mandarin 200, GO…

Intensive English Program

The Intensive English Programme is divided into six levels and tailored to meet the needs…

IELTS Preparation

WHAT is IELTS? IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, which is a high-stake,…

English for Customer Care

Course Title: English for Customer Care Course Length: 370 hours (not including practicum) Course Description: The Graduate…

Data Science Certification Programme

Course Length: 180 hours (not including practicum) Course Description: The Diploma in TESOL is for…

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