International Malaysia Education Centre

“I am proud and delighted to introduce Country Heights Education, a personal dream come true.”

Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew, Co-Founder

Founder’s Message

tan sri lee

Each and every one of us is looking to better our life, to find a path that leads to more happiness, a greater sense of well-being, balance and a clearer understanding of our roles in society. Education is a wonderful tool that can help unlock one’s ability to be an effective member of our community and work environment.
The ability and possibility to continuously learn is a gift that opens up the way toward a happier life and unleashed potential.

Making the most out of any learning experience, discovering more of oneself and continuously learning and improving to become better equipped to face everyday challenges, be more competent in our professional endeavors, and feel more accomplished, inspired and fulfilled is what any form of education and the results of that education should reflect.

Our Mission

Building a BETTER YOU

Our mission is to build awareness of the need for strong ethical values, effective communication, multi-cultural and international understanding that enables our clients to build their own dreams and achieve their professional and personal objectives.

Why We Are Different

IMEC Learning Method ©

  • Functional based learning
  • Goal oriented lessons
  • Face-to-face interaction

Program of Instruction

  • Groups no larger than 20 students.
  • Functionally oriented lessons(Speaking)
  • Theme based curriculum
  • Real Life English

Quality Control

  • Lessons monitored
  • Lessons evaluated
  • Progress reports
  • Progress counseling
  • Level tests

Instructor Training

  • University graduates
  • TEFL qualified or CELTA trained
  • In-house Training

Live Instruction

  • Learn what is needed
  • Immediate correction
  • Personalized to your needs
  • Interactive
  • Enjoyable

Native Fluent Instructors

  • Natural pronunciation
  • Natural intonation
  • Speaking the way language is spoken
  • Cultural familiarization

Uniformity of Instruction

  • Instructor in-class monitoring
  • Daily Instructor program meetings
  • Regular Instruction evaluation
  • Performance reviews