Why should I study at IMEC?

IMEC is a 100% English-speaking environment whose teachers are all highly qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals whose goal is to help you meet your English learning goals.

What do I study at IMEC?

At IMEC students study an Intensive English language Program (IEP) learning all language skills together.

How long do I need to study at IMEC?

The IEP programme consists of eight levels, from Beginner to Upper Intermediate, which are taught over a period of eight months. Upon registering at IMEC, new students are asked to take a Placement Test before being assigned to an appropriate level. A beginner may have to study for the full eight months to complete the programme, whereas someone with a little experience at English could finish in just a few months.

Where do IMEC teachers come from?

IMEC teachers come from all over the world. We have an equal number of native and non-native teaching professionals.

I have questions about university entrance exams, IELTS, or TOEFL who can I ask?

You can always approach your teacher, the centre supervisor, or one of our sales staff. Any one of these people would be happy to assist you if possible.

When does the school term begin?

The school term starts on the first Monday of every month. Please see our calendar for more details.

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