Course Length: 180 hours (not including practicum)

Course Description: The Diploma in TESOL is for teachers looking for a more academically focused teacher training experience. The four module class will take 180 hours to complete not counting practicum. Each module will have an assignment and self-assessment questions to aid you as you go. This course is recommended for learners already holding a first degree.

Course Content:

The course consists of 4 modules spanning the breadth of ESL teaching

Module 1

Introduction to Language Teaching

  • Types of language
  • Uses of language
  • Language acquisition
  • Language teaching methodology

Module 2

Teaching Techniques and Aids

  • Teaching speaking skills
  • Teaching listening skills
  • Teaching pronunciation
  • Using role plays and drama
  • Teaching writing skills
  • Teaching reading skills
  • Teaching spelling
  • Transitioning guided to free writing
  • Using books and readers
  • Integrated teaching techniques

Module 3

Lesson planning and syllabus creation

  • Building a lesson plan
  • Creating a syllabus
  • Evaluating textbooks
  • Interaction in the classroom
  • Teacher roles and evaluation

Module 4

ESL and Linguistics

  • Introduction to phonetics
  • Parts of speech and morphology
  • Phrases and vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Applications of linguistics in the classroom

Mode of Instruction and Evaluation

Coursework will entail classroom teaching, self-study, and classroom practicum. Students will be assigned a tutor from the London Teachers Training College (LTTC) who will evaluate their assignments and provided additional assistance when necessary. Each student will undergo essay assignments for each module, which they must pass before being awarded their certification from LTTC.

Certificates Awarded

Successful completion of the Diploma in TESOL will earn students a Diploma from the LTTC in TESOL as well as a certificate from IMEC in recognition of their practicum. For more information on the LTTC certificate, please click this link:

Admission Requirements

Qualified candidates must be at least 21 years of age upon enrollment, have a bachelor’s degree or equivalency, have a certified level of English proficiency (IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 600), and an interest in English language teaching.

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