Villa Services

  • Housekeeping at common area ,Once a week ( OPTIONAL )
  • Maintenance
  • Change of bedding ,Once a week ( OPTIONAL )
  • Utilities included (water & electricity)

Activities & Excursion

IMEC has a variety of planned activities and excursions for our students to take part in. Activities are designed to foster team building as well as teaching valuable skills to our students for their lives ahead. Activities are group oriented and help develop relationships with other students, teachers and staff. Our goal is to create a healthy and active environment both in and out of the classroom.


IMEC centre offers the following facilities: Other nearby facilities:
  • PRAYER ROOM (Male & Female)
  • BANK

Computer Lab

IMEC’s computer lab is equipped with computers and wireless high-speed Internet connections. The primary purpose of the language lab is to facilitate students' learning experience by integrating technology-based activities with the regular curriculum. For example, at each level, students must complete exercises on language-learning software, write essays and participate in team projects. Of course, students can also surf the Internet and answer their emails before or after class.


IMEC and Country Heights is patrolled by 24 hour security personnel. Student accommodation is monitored hourly 7 days a week. Only tenants and invited guests are able to pass through the 2 main security gates. All guests and cars are registered when entering Country Heights and examined upon leaving Country Heights.

Assembly Hall

Assembly hall holds different events: Orientation, Friday activities, parties, plays, movies, etc.

Reading Room

In IMEC’s reading room, students have access to a variety of books, dictionaries, audio-books, magazines, and newspapers. The library is the ideal place to work in small groups and to study without being disturbed. Students can also play games such as chess, Chinese chess, Scrabble and Monopoly.

Surrounding Grounds

IMEC is surrounded by greenery and nature. The surroundings are perfect for students and teachers to sit down, socialize, play and rest.

Prayer Rooms

IMEC has two prayer rooms (one for men, one for women) for its Muslim students.

“Our student’s welfare is a priority”

Country Heights Education


Emergency Personal Accident Insurance and Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance.

In the event of an emergency, all enrolled students are covered by emergency Personal Accident & Hospitalization' Surgical Insurance.

  • A clinic is located nearby IMEC to attend to students' medical needs and can be reached in 5 minutes from the student accommodation.
  • All students have the contact details of an IMEC supervisor who they are able to contact 24-hours a day.
  • Emergency medical transportation is available from Country Heights to the nearby hospital if an emergency arises.

Student Visa

All International Students are required to have a valid student pass during their course of study in Malaysia. IMEC will apply for the student pass from the Malaysian Immigration Department on behalf of the student BEFORE THE STUDENT ARRIVES IN MALAYSIA. All other matters such as endorsement and extension of student pass and entry visa will be done through the Student Affairs Office.

Airport Transportation

IMEC offers airport pick up services to students. Students are transported to their student accommodations after arriving in Kuala Lumpur and are welcomed and oriented to their new home before the commencement of their English Program with us.